The Big Picture
Produced by Randolph Fabian Directo
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The Big Picture

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Oceanscape Ghostship: Altered States, Theta Meditation

The Big Picture

Artist/Band: HealingMindN

The Big Picture has the advanced tools to help you increase concentration, creative focus and encourage mental speed & acuity.

The latest, most effective neuroscience research in waking brainwave rhythms have been integrated into a city stormscape. Original music and spiritual meditations in the foreground are in sync with the storm.

This album of entrainments is oriented towards the waking state like most mainstream music, to keep your toes tapping(1):

Thoughts into Action

Electro Rock-a-Billy World Fusion Storm increases your concentration and focus to help increase your academic performance or work productivity. "Thoughts into Action" is like an intense dose of caffeine without the harmful side effects.

Great for burning the midnite oil - The music is like interval exercise training with frantic rock-a-billy guitar taking turns with meditative heavy metal/electro-balkan fusions, so it helps you get your work done faster.

Design Beneath Disorder

New Age Trance Fusion Storm increases your creative focus for artwork, writing, reading, and brainstorming. The session focuses the mind, but keeps you close enough to alpha to access higher states of creativity and intuition.

"Design Beneath Disorder" is true inspiration for your creative needs as choir, mantra, meditation and music all come together in the middle of a storm.

The choir is central to "Design Beneath Disorder" with world fusion beats and rhythms for hypnotic patterns that further increase your creativity and intuition.

The Big Picture

Grand Funk-a-Fusion Acoustic Guitar Storm speeds up your brain, increases activity, and encourages brain growth. Listen during work time, play time, or rehab from sickness or injury.

"The Big Picture" tantalizes us with a world fusion of funkalicious medleys. The melodies are completely built upon the mantras. 30 minutes goes by in very little time while listening to "The Big Picture."

"The Big Picture" reflects neuroplasticity, a non-linear function of the brain; think of the beginning, middle, and end of a journey, then mix it up, but you still recognize the journey.

Recent studies indicate that waking rhythms increase neuroplasticity(2).

"The Big Picture" also has a surprise, funk slapping ending which you, hopefully, will make you happy. In that sense, it's also a perfect song for lovemaking.

Brainwave entrainment technology in The Big Picture:

Low alpha with a majority of high alpha and beta rhythms using pulse modulation panning. The alpha rhythms are provided in the form of Schumann resonances.

Meditations in The Big Picture

We are spiritual beings who are always meditating on things. Why not meditate on good things? The meditations are on positive concepts that enhance our performance which is further engrained in our minds by the brainwave entrainment.

Most Effective Way to Listen to The Big Picture

It works best when you listen to it passively. For this album to be most effective, simply play it in the background while you go about your normal daily focused activities - which is on YOUR work.

Turn the volume on your stereo system up just enough so you can hear the rain in the background. The rest comes naturally. A stereo system is best because there are a lot of panning effects. Repeat the entrainments that you need the most.

Use caution when operating dangerous equipment while listening because this album can induce a trance state, albeit a waking trance.

(1)"For neurons to work as a team, it helps to have a beat;" University of California, Berkeley.

(2)"Endogenous control of waking brain rhythms induces neuroplasticity in humans;" Ros T, Munneke MA, Ruge D, Gruzelier JH, Rothwell JC; Department of Psychology, Goldsmiths, University of London

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