Bridging The Gap
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Bridging The Gap

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Bridging The Gap

Artist/Band: Michael G. Ronstadt

The 3rd Solo album released by Michael G. Ronstadt, "Bridging The Gap" demonstrates a wide palette music written while touring with Lost In Holland, Lisa Biales, and Ronstadt Generations. Equally affluent on cello, guitar, and as songwriter, the new CD will truly carry the listener on an unexplored journey. Audiences in 2010 have said, "Michael's solo cello performance was so moving it actually brought a tear to my eye"(Roger A., 2010). Dan Buckley from The Tucson Citizen wrote in 2008 that "...[he is] a performer with an amazing command of the typical and exotic sounds of the cello, a true virtuoso and a man of instinctive musicality"(Dan Buckley, Tucson Citizen, 2008).

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Format: CD-R