Unrequited 2010vrs. by jazz pianist Michael Guy
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Unrequited 2010vrs. by jazz pianist Michael Guy

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August Ocean Overture: my 2008 debut CD also available here at Createspace

Unrequited 2010vrs. by jazz pianist Michael Guy

Artist/Band: Michael Guy

Jazz pianist/composer Michael Guy's 2nd all solo keyboard compositions CD is called "Unrequited" and unlike his debut CD, AugustOceanOverture, this was mostly recorded in one intense session on June 16-17th 2009 in Florida where is currently still "marooned." His first CD was a compilation of various production standards from times in his past recording life, this all digital production has the benefit of being mastered on one Fostex digital system, although one take was a live cafe setting number, the others feature his most advanced piano sets ranging from lyrical, short romantic ballads very influenced by early Keith Jarrett, to one long piano suite set (My Bluewater Day suite) which again envisions a blue-water, oceanic setting and is a soaring improv-set on these compositions, with intense solo piano paired against choir and strings. The title track, like the other short song-like ballads, is a longer, smokey, romantic ballad of loves and battles lost. The gorgeous piano melody, which on this piece begins almost below the hearing threshold in the right hand sotto voce, is subtly outlined with a very thin veneer of background chorusing, giving the sometimes less than stellar live pianos he has to play a jazzy ambience reminding one of Joe Sample's Spellbound session CD of the 1980's. As close to a tear-jerk-er as you'll get from one of today's mature and upcoming composers who's not afraid to step beyond pop into the realm of classical, orchestral and experimental composers like Arvo Part, Jarrett, Metheny and Philip Glass. Just listen to "Michael'sAngel-o" an experimental jazz/new age sound canvas that he calls his "Ligetti influenced sound" reminiscent of the soundtrack to 2001 a Space Odyssey intersecting with the heavenly choirs of New Age sound sculptors like Rafael.
The one track that was partially live was his Pat Metheny-influenced, e minor groove, called "Without a Moments Notice" which includes his baritone backing vocalise and cool string and organ backings. The tune's basic consists of his live keyboard split-track that has piano in the right hand with bass done in the left. Recorded live in April 2009 at Cafe Da Vinci in Florida, it was then taken into the studio and processed with the remaining overdubs. All parts, voices, bass, strings, keyboards (no drums on this session) are by Michael Guy and mastered in Fostex Digital.
For more information on Michael's musical activities and available music, plus a more complete Bio go to his personal website @ http://miguy7.webs.com/ or visit his JzCDz.com storefront at Lulu to order individual mp3s and additional CDs & music books. Type JzCDz.com into your browser address window.

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