Grass Roots

Grass Roots

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Grass Roots

Artist/Band: Cud Chewing Cows

"Grass Roots"

Cud Chewing Cows - "Grass Roots" picks up where Volumes One, Three, Four and Choice Cuts left off, with a fantastic collection of toe-tapping, worldly, funky, groovy and all around happy music, and it, like it's predecessors, makes for great repeat listening, by all ages and all cultures.

Grass Roots (2011)

01. Hay Fever - Fièvre de foin 3:28
02. It's a Beautiful Day (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah) 4:02
03. Space Capsules (Stinger) 0:08
04. Away From You 1:44
05. Black Holes 4:28
06. Green Grass, Orange Trees 1:13
07. 60 Wonder 1:01
08. The Sloth and The Lady Bug 0:32
09. Country Trance 3:00
10. You and Me Forever Walking 2:09
11. Hey Hey 4:18
12. Melancholy Ghee 1:44
13. Herd on the Highland 2:35
14. She's My Dog For a Day 0:32
15. Uhn-ha 2:00
16. Herd on the Highland (v1) 2:35
17. She's My Dog for a Day (alt) 0:32

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