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Artist/Band: Ginjo Kyogoku

Ginjo Kyogoku is one of the best Shigin masters in Japan.
Shigin is the art of reciting or singing poems written in Kanji (Chinese characters).
Shigin is sung to commemorate special occasions such as weddings, funerals, and New Years celebrations. The poems that are sung express all facets of human life - love, beauty of nature, happiness, grief, revenge, etc.
The music you hear on this album is totally unconventional approach as Shigin.
Although he has kept those traditional Shigin singing style, the producer Kitajima's defiant attitude and grandiose compositions & arrangements are just amazing.
It is unprecedented and Shigin has never been produced this way before.

Guest Musicians : David Benoit, Freddie Ravel, Sid Page, Vince Denham, etc.

1. Nichiren --------------------- 24:06
2. Ame Nimo Makezu ----------10:59
3. Mohkorai ---------------------13:37

Title #1961701
Format: CD-R