Angel Baby Lullabies

Angel Baby Lullabies

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Angel Baby Lullabies

Artist/Band: Amy Robbins-Wilson

There aren't words to express the profound grief associated with the loss of a baby or infant because we lose not only their physical selves, but also all of the hopes and dreams and expectations that we had for them. During this time of profound mourning, music can provide the comfort and consolation to support healing and recovery. It helps people articulate, comprehend and embrace the loss of the child.

This music is especially intended to assist parents and families during this period of bereavement whether they have lost of a baby due to miscarriage or still birth or have lost an infants early in life due to SIDS and other congenital issues.

For these reasons, this CD makes an especially thoughtful gift for people in these extraordinarily emotionally painful circumstances.

If you are experiencing this pain, buy it to support your own healing and if you know of someone grappling with this torment, send this CD as a gift today.

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Format: CD-R