Two Kings
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Two Kings

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Two Kings

Artist/Band: White Fort

Russian Soul Music

  • Traditional Russian folk
  • Classic rock
  • Distilled essence of bossa nova
  • Pinch of jazz

Place all ingredients deep within the hearts of two incredibly talented Russian men. Season with classical training, then simmer over many long, desolate winters in Siberia. Mature in New York City to develop the full range of ethnic flavors. Serve HOT!

Award-winning artists Artyom Yakushenko and Yuriy Matveyev have wowed audiences from Ibiza to New York City's Lincoln Center, but their recordings have been distributed mainly in Russia. Two Kings, first released in 2004, is now available for the first time in the Western hemisphere.

Their musical styles span the globe on this album: Flamenco in "Latin Quarter," traditional Chinese pipa in "Crane Feathers," sensual modern jazz in "So Very Pleasant."

Artyom and Yuriy are also known in the States as "Two Siberians." By any other name, their music still sounds as sweet!

Title #1978355
Format: CD-R