Great Protestant Hymns
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Great Protestant Hymns

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Great Protestant Hymns

Artist/Band: Virgil Fox

The Legacy Series Volume III is Virgil Fox's "Great Protestant Hymns," recorded in 1956 on the new Aeolian-Skinner Organ in Riverside Church. After his Wanamaker Organ recording of 1964, this is the most frequently requested release--and for good reason. 21 hymns are treated to Virgil's rhythmic, dramatic, bold artistry. In over 57 minutes, the listener will be moved, exhilarated, inspired, and satisfied. Anyone who ever attended a Virgil Fox concert in a church will recall how he ended programs with the congregation singing, lustily, to his inevitable musicality.

Booklet with all the Hymns is available on Amazon:

Track Listing

1. Wesley: Aurelia
2. Hemy: St. Catherine
3. Atkinson: Morecambe
4. Holden: Coronation
5. C. F. Witt: Stuttgart
6. Trad. arr. Willis: Crusaders Hymn
7. Croft: St. Anne
8. Hastings: Toplady
9. Prichard: Hyfrydol
10. Gould: Pilot
11. Dykes: Melita
12. Croft: Hanover
13. Messiter: Marion
14. Mason: Hamburg
15. Mason: Olivet
16. Haydn: Austria
17. Monk: Eventide
18. Luther: Ein Feste Burg
19. Hatton: Duke Street
20. Hopkins: Ellers
21. Warren: National Hymn

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