The Coolidge Concerts - Volume III
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The Coolidge Concerts - Volume III

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The Coolidge Concerts - Volume III

Artist/Band: Virgil Fox

The Coolidge Concerts - Volume III
Virgil Fox

On February 15, 20 and 26, 1946, Virgil Fox played three concerts at the Coolidge Auditorium in Washington, DC. These three performances were played on Skinner Organ Co.'s Opus 531, 1925.

A total of 43 pieces were performed - many of the compositions Fox never played again during his career. These are truly archival recordings - not of the highest quality as they were most probably originally taken from acetate recordings. Pops and clicks have been removed, but all else was kept as to not compromise the fragile sound quality.

All in all, the recordings are charming and Fox makes the 27 rank instrument sound much larger than it is. As a reference recording, and an example of Fox's early style, these are important historic examples.

  1. Organum Triplex Upon A Gregorian Alleluia 2:02
  2. Fond d'Orgue 2:46
  3. Scherzo 1:59
  4. Fantasy In F Minor, K.V. 608 9:11
  5. Three Trio Movements: Movement For Violin, Oboe And Continuo 2:10
  6. Three Trio Movements: Andante, From Sonata No. 4 In E Minor 5:05
  7. Three Trio Movements: Vivace, From Sonata No. 3 In D Minor 3:50
  8. Prelude And Fugue In A Minor 8:01
  9. Two Canons For Pedal Piano 6:59
  10. Elegie, Op. 38 6:12
  11. Intermezzo, From Concerto For Organ 2:30
  12. Roulade 4:11
  13. Ye Sweet Retreat 4:58
  14. Allegro From Symphony No. 6 2:37
  15. "Gigue" Fugue 3:02
  16. Finale From The Second Symphony 3:21
  17. Allegro From The Sixth Symphony 7:36

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