Ted Alan Worth (The Disc)
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Ted Alan Worth (The Disc)

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Ted Alan Worth (The Disc)

Artist/Band: Ted Alan Worth

The Legacy Series - Volume V

Ted Alan Worth (The Disc) 1965

Ted Alan Worth, Organ

TED ALAN WORTH, whose memoirs became Virgil Fox (The Dish), played solo recitals and concerts with orchestras throughout Europe and North America. Often described as Virgil Fox's most celebrated pupil, his recording career began by assisting Fox in many of his legendary sessions. Worth's own discs are treasured mementos of a style of organ playing that appears-at most-once in a generation. This just discovered recording, on a 1963 Aeolian-Skinner Organ of 113-ranks, beautifully supports the review he received from Alfred Frankenstein in the San Francisco Chronicle: "The organ, in his hands, seemed as plastic an instrument as any the player holds under his chin or warms with the breath of his body." This recording, and his memoirs, are his public legacy.

  1. Bach | Sinfonia from Cantata 29
  2. Handel | Aria con Variazionne from Concerto I
  3. Bach | Adagio Cantabile
  4. Bach | Toccata in F, BWV 540
  5. Durufle | Prelude from Suite, Op. 5
  6. de Maleingreau | The Tumult in the Praetorium
  7. Purvis | Marche Grotesque
  8. Hebble | Chanson
  9. Vierne | Finale from Symphony VI

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