Exile In The Sunset
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Exile In The Sunset

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Exile In The Sunset

Artist/Band: Eric Kauschen

My fingers have come a long way since my last release. I have worked harder and harder to refine my technique and acheive more of a cohesiveness to my songwriting. I think this release shows this. As per usual, I have played all the instruments on this album which is tricky to do. People have asked me how you do that and I just can't really explain it. It's just something I've figured out how to do and it's not as fun as jamming with a band.

I came up with the name for this album after a suggestion of an old friend of mine, Derrold Purifoy. Exile in the Sunset is a take off on Exile on Main Street, but while many people think of a Sunset as a nice thing, it refers to the Sunset District of San Francisco that on some days can seem as inhospitable as parts of Antarctica. It is a place of fog and gloom and rarely sees the sunlight except in our Indian Summer in September and October. Even though it can be a gloomy place for some, I've tried to bring some light and happiness to it through my music.

Title #1992666
Format: CD-R