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EP Collection

Artist/Band: Muscle Boys

Muscle Boys is a snotty, tongue-in-cheek gabber punk band that records short albums that play like the most alcohol fueled garage revival acts of the late 80s and early 90s.

Parodying the seriousness of most gabber and digital hardcore without resorting to mere novelty, Muscle Boys are the perfect party band for the musically jaded.

The original EP hits hard and doesn't let up with only a small sampling of what was coming around the bend. The second EP was were the true voice of Muscle Boys was found. The punk and gabber elements were patch-worked together with just the right amount of pop sensibilities to appeal to noise freaks, angsty tweens, punk rawkers, and ravers.

These two EPs together are a 29 minute party you'll be glad to keep coming back too.

Title #2000992
Format: CD-R