Avenir Eclectia
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Avenir Eclectia

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Avenir Eclectia

Artist/Band: Michael L. Rogers

Michael L. Rogers has created a soundtrack to accompany the online multi-author shared world microfiction site Avenir Eclectia. Hear the songs, read the stories. Published in association with Splashdown Books.

Come with us on a journey to a planet the universe forgot. The Avenir: once a generational ship, now grown into a residential station. And Eclectia: the highly unstable planet she orbits. Its people have forgotten Earth. Wizards keep old tech running, while orphans scrape together a living, and aristocrats enjoy the high life. Far below, on Eclectia, miners suffer grit and extreme seasons. Volcanoes or earthquakes may break out at any time, so it's safer undersea. Subs connect underwater cities, and the oceans teem with telepathic life. Merchants and smugglers ply their wares. Broken planet Sheba is mined for ore. Survival: an everyday question.

SF. Fantasy. Supernatural.
Multiauthor microfiction adventure.
Three times a week at

Track List:
Avenir Eclectia
Dangerous Journey Ahead
In One Minute I Became A Hero (Ave's Anthem)
Here They Come (Orphan Battle Theme)
Between Eerie Spaces
Unseen Realms
Escape Point
Slow Walk Home
Oceanic Lifeforms
Angel City
Assisi On The Horizon
Carlston's Cove
The Whale Star
Hoepi (Miner of Sheba)
Lost in Space

Style: Ambient electronica, relaxation, space music

Title #2001111
Format: CD-R