Guided Meditation for Manifesting An Abundance of Money
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Guided Meditation for Manifesting An Abundance of Money

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Guided Meditation for Manifesting An Abundance of Money

Artist/Band: Jafree Ozwald

This transformational guided money meditation will dramatically shift, heal, and empower your relationship with money! It will take you on a journey to release any negative limiting beliefs holding you back from manifesting abundance into your life, and submerge your mindbody with a powerful state NEW state of abundance consciousness! You will literally FEEL like a million dollars after you're done with this meditation!

How you feel on the inner world is what manifests into your outer world. When you feel like have an abundance of money throughout your day, you will manifest the situation where that level of energy is attracted to you. The Universal Law of Manifesting says that "Like attracts like", and when you're feeling rich inside, you will attract the same richness to you on the outside!

What you will experience...

* A guided meditation journey that will transform and empower your relationship with money!

* The release of negative beliefs that are stopping you from realizing and actualizing your full financial potentiality.

* A healing experience with money so that you can easily and effortlessly attract great financial abundance into your life.

* A deep cellular transformation that will shift your body's and mind's vibration, allowing you to effortlessly magnetize more abundance into your life.

* An empowering effective belief system about attracting an abundance of money into your situation.

* An energetic shift in your manifesting vibration and ability to attract greater financial abundance to you faster and easier!

"I decided to put your program to the test and I was compelled to write you and share my success with you! I was able to manifest $10,020 today!!! You can't imagine how I am feeling... or can you??!! I can't describe the joy, the sense of peace and knowing, that everything turned out EXACTLY as I negotiated and meditated upon....Seriously, this is mind blowing stuff!" ~TZ

"The end result for me was $127,000.00 in one month, and I paid off $80,000 of debt. Now I'm averaging over $50,000 a month! These manifesting techniques are delightful and easy to accomplish." ~Sunny W., Atlanta, Georgia

"Absolutely Incredible! When I started applying what you taught, money started pouring in from everywhere! I even found my Soul Mate by using your Universal Secrets to Receiving Unlimited Success! Now whenever I need or want something I just ask for it." ~C.W., New York

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