The Blue Room Manifesting Meditation
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The Blue Room Manifesting Meditation

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The Blue Room Manifesting Meditation

Artist/Band: Jafree Ozwald

The Blue Room Manifesting Meditation is by far the most powerful manifesting technique we know for creating a specific and perhaps outrageous outcome in your life. This revolutionary visualization takes you into a conscious dream-like state where you actually step into a place of soul-like power where you can create real life agreements that manifest themselves back on Earth.

Perhaps you'd like to physically meet your life partner, connect with a powerful person that could help you, create a new financial contract or deal, or improve the relationships you have with people in your field of business. By meeting with them in the Blue Room you'll soon see how the magic effortlessly starts unfolding in your life!

With this Blue Room Manifesting Meditation, you will experience....

* A proven technique for manifesting the financial abundance, relationships, or situations you want in life "out of the blue".

* An inner journey to a powerful energetic place where you will create a new positive agreement that impacts your physical reality.

* A feeling of confidence and joy that this new contract/agreement is in the process of manifesting into your life so that you can let go and allow the Universe to support you in making it a reality.

* The creation of an energetic blueprint that effortlessly and naturally magnetizes new relationships and agreements you want to have into your life.

Many find that this meditation dramatically increases the effectiveness of EVERY business deal they wish to make. By using this manifesting meditation you can resolve financial and emotional discrepancies in a matter of minutes, and create a new relationship that works for you!

You can quickly and effortlessly manifest new contracts, get a promotion at work, obtain new clients, make a BIG sale, or sell a home! You can organize events or plan out projected expansions with an emerging corporate company. Any business deal you want to manifest can be easily attained by first visiting the Blue Room.

How does it work? By creating a new agreement in the Blue Room you are sending out a powerful energetic vibration to the Universe that "educates" the Universe on what you SPECIFICALLY want to manifest. The energy from the Blue Room dramatically speeds up the manifestation process of whatever you desire to see in your physical reality. This powerful manifesting meditation creates dramatic results because it is based on the Universal laws found in the field of Quantum Physics. Recent studies have demonstrated two important facts:

* Every subatomic particle of energy in the Universe is connected to every other particle by a kind of holographic energetic matrix no matter how far apart they physically are.

* You are always changing the behavior of these quantum particles by where you directing your attention, thoughts, and feelings.

This means that when you see and feel something happening in one powerful part of the Universe like the Blue Room, you actually directly impact energetic particles in another part of the Universe because we are all energetically connected. So every time that you enter the Blue Room and deeply feel that an agreement has already happened, you actually start making it manifest in the physical world! Thanks to the power of your consciousness, energy field, and the inner-connectedness of all matter you can manifest anything you desire. With The Blue Room Manifesting Meditation you'll find out how FUN it is visualize and materialize every desire you have into your life!

"The first time I tried the "Blue Room Meditation" it was a very powerful experience! Bottom line... I received a $50,000 commission check! What a gift of wisdom and knowledge that you have given all of us." ~Laura. W., Dana Point, CA

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