Guided Meditation for Awakening Your Kundalini
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Guided Meditation for Awakening Your Kundalini

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Guided Meditation for Awakening Your Kundalini

Artist/Band: Jafree Ozwald

Would you like to experience an unlimited source of energy inside you? This CD contains everything you need to discover how to connect with this unlimited energy source and use it in your everyday life. It will gently awaken the most powerful healing and manifesting energy on the planet that has been dormant within you.

The energy of the Kundalini is very powerful and once you know how to access it, it will provide you with all the energy, wisdom, spiritual intelligence and understanding you need to live a truly extraordinary and highly successful life. By listening to the guided meditation you'll discover the secrets to opening up your chakras (energy centers), gently awakening this sleeping power inside you, and experiencing a direct connection to an unlimited source of energy and consciousness.

The feeling one gets when all their chakras are open and the Kundalini energy is rising up the spine is quite amazing. It might be one of the most blissful expanded states of consciousness a human being can access. The result of such an experience is that you are brought to know the divine all-powerful spiritual being you truly are. When the amazing power of Kundalini is fully awake, you will see clearly and start experiencing the Divine within everyone and everything. You will feel a sense of deep calm inside you, and look at life from a much more spiritual perspective. Ultimately, the more you practice this meditation, the more magical your life becomes.

Some side effects of an awakened Kundalini can include:

* Complete mind & body healing from any disease

* An increase in psychic abilities

* Feeling totally whole, centered, empowered and truly alive

* A natural ability to manifest your desires faster and easier

* Realization of your Divine Infinite Nature

Awakening your Kundalini can be one of the most healing and life transforming experiences of our lives. The deep spiritual experience we can receive from it can be a huge healing gift from our soul. Once we discover how easy it is to access this amazing power, we will discover how to see life from a much more enlightening perspective, and really start enjoying the ride!

This 30 minute guided audio meditation will open your chakras and quiet your mind so that your Kundalini can awaken...enjoy!!

"Thank you! I just listened to the Kundalini impressed me greatly and am looking forward to doing it the next 90 days! I'm really enthralled about this meditation and the voice you have Jafree. I wish you a wonderful day with a smile on your face!" ~Kerstin Warkentin, Dusseldorf Germany

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