Breathing Peace

Breathing Peace

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Breathing Peace

Artist/Band: Sarah Starr

While it's obvious that all of us who are alive are already breathing and have been doing so our whole lives, our breathing can be either unconscious or conscious. As we practice conscious breathing a nice side benefit is that it instantly brings us into the moment. This sort of breath work is an excellent bridge to developing a meditation practice.

Over the centuries, the yogis became expert in the art of consciously controlling the prana (energy, life force) through breathing practices. The breathing practices offered in this audio are beginning points for improving your health and reducing stress that require no equipment or expenditures and require little time:

Each exercise is easy to learn and you can use the information instantly to encourage deeper sleep, more relaxation during the day and a quick fix for stressful situations. Sarah Starr leads you through each exercise with care and attention to detail so you can take greater control of the breathing process. These exercises will help you with anxiety, encourage the lowering of high blood pressure and help you to reprogram your nervous system.

Breathing also affects our state of mind. It can make us excited or calm, tense or relaxed.
There is a definite connection between rate of breathing and either stress or relaxation. It is very hard to be in a complete state of stress if your breathing is slow and deep. It doesn't mean you won't encounter stressful events, but you can certainly let them take less of a physical toll on you even when you are dealing with unavoidable stressful situations by not letting your breathing put you into overload.

A good introduction into working with breath. This audio contains several different breathing exercises. Each with clear instructions on the "how to" and demonstrated by Sarah Starr before she guides you through the actual exercise for yourself.

"Take time to connect with your breath, consciously breathing, allowing your breath to be a bridge into this moment. "

Approx. run time: 37 minutes

Note: If you have any medical conditions, are pregnant, or otherwise unsure of whether or not you should try these techniques, please consult a doctor before you do them.

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