Guided Meditation to Meeting Your Enlightened Financial Guru
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Guided Meditation to Meeting Your Enlightened Financial Guru

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Guided Meditation to Meeting Your Enlightened Financial Guru

Artist/Band: Jafree Ozwald

This guided manifestation money meditation will empower you to know HOW to attract financial abundance into your life. You will be gently lead on this 19 minute journey where you will meet with your inner financial guru and gain important answers and insights to any question you have about money!

What you will experience...

An empowering relationship with your own personal enlightened financial guru on your inner world!

Guidance around money and what inspired action steps will create financial abundance in your life!

Increased confidence in your ability to become financially free and how to naturally attract more wealth to you!

When you meet with your inner financial guru you will be able to receive answers to your toughest questions about mastering your current financial situation, and even receive direct guidance on action steps to take today! This connection will help you get in touch with that hidden part of you that intuitively knows how to make money, and how to make the right decisions that manifest prosperity. You will uncover greater confidence around money and financial wisdom on how to keep it flowing easily and effortlessly.

Benefits from this meditation journey include:

Feelings of being more confident, powerful, wealthy, and financially free.

An increase in your financial intuition so you're guided towards creating prosperity instead of poverty.

Ability to access inner financial guidance any time you need it.

A more healed and empowering relationship with money

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