Guided Meditation for Healing Your Mind, Body & Soul
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Guided Meditation for Healing Your Mind, Body & Soul

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Guided Meditation for Healing Your Mind, Body & Soul

Artist/Band: Jafree Ozwald

This 23 minute guided meditation will support you in manifesting a full physical mind and body healing. Each time you listen, it will initiate a deep healing transformation of every cell in your body. Other benefits can include instant relief from physical pain, healing long term illnesses, finding deep levels of inner peace, an increased amount of energy, and the quieting of mind chatter. This enlightening, self-healing guided audio meditation contains background music that will soothe your body and relieve your mind of any so you can receive a physically transformative healing experience.

Just as the golden Sun in the sky above gives our world its warmth, energy, light, and life, the golden light from this meditation will do just the same for your body and mind. Profound healing effects can occur within the body and mind from bathing just a few minutes in this divine healing energy. By experiencing this golden healing energy you can start to feel a bright, youthful and joyful energy moving through your life.

By experiencing this guided visualization just one time, you'll be able to call upon and receive this warm healing energy any time you need it. This golden light visualization has an extremely powerful energy that can create an instantaneous healing reaction in your body. By focusing your mind with this guided imagery, you will absorb this healing power and alleviate years of potential suffering down the road. Get ready for the healing experience of a lifetime!

What you will experience...

Feelings of rejuvenation, healing, energy, inner peace, and quietness of mind chatter.

A guided visualization experience that will create powerful healing energy in your body with your mind.

A possible full body physical healing experience that will transform your life forever!

Heal your Body with your Mind, and Master your Life!

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