Praise and Worship Sing-Along
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Praise and Worship Sing-Along

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There is a soundtrack CD and a song book. Look for these and others in our store.

Praise and Worship Sing-Along

Artist/Band: Betty Ward Cain

Children love to sing! Singing praises to God is a wonderful way to make children aware of him. Singing psalms lifts the spirit. Scripture becomes a part of children's lives through music, and Bible verse studies help children develop a love for God and his Word. This CD is a sing-along collection of worship songs and
praises for use with children. There is a manual available which contains the sheet music, some devotionals thoughts and scriptures and some crafts. There is also an accompanying CD with all the sound tracks available. Most of the songs are based on favorite scriptures. Children memorize scripture verses by singing them. Parents, teachers, grandparents, club leaders or anyone who cares for children will love these scripture-based

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Format: CD-R