3upFront-And Jake
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3upFront-And Jake

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3upFront-And Jake

Artist/Band: 3upFront

3upFront-And Jake, is 3upFronts 3 studio album, and stays true to the oldschool sounds of Skate-Punk, with there own twist and styles, including influences from: NoFX, Bad Religion, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Greed Day, Led Zeppelin, Pennywise, and so many other great bands. 3upFront puts on an amazing live show, tons of energy, lots of laughs, and all in all a great time! 3upFront has been around since '98, where they originated on the shores of Lake Tahoe, and later moved to Santa Cruz, to continue conquering the world and saving countless ears from the evil doings of Emo! The fourth studio album is on its way, but please dont hesitate to buy this one too!
Thanks, 317 Records.

Title #2017619
Format: CD-R