Sosyete du Marche La Priye 2012
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Sosyete du Marche La Priye 2012

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Sosyete du Marche La Priye 2012

Artist/Band: Mambo Vye Zo Komande LaMenfo

The opening prayer of a Vodou ceremony, LaPriye is the call to the Spirits of Sosyete du Marche, to come join in celebrating life's journey with us. The CD opens with the classic Catholic prayers in both English and French. From there, it transitions to the French hymns that set the tone of the prayer. Following what is known as the Catholic Litany is the Djo (pronounced "d-jo"). Sung in both Haitian Creole and English, it lists the Saints in the order of reglemen followed in Sosyete du Marche. The Djo then changes to the order of Rada Lwa, followed by Djouba and then by Nago nations. The coda is sung between segments, to help differentiate the lists. The Rada portion is followed by the Gede nation and finally the Petro spirits.
Sung both in English, Haitian Kreyol and French, Mambo leads the listener deeper into the beauty of the prayer with clear pronunciations and by singing each segment three times, so the listener can learn as they sing.
The Priye Ginen is the foundation of Haitian Vodou. It orders the service and allows each person to find their own path within the framework of a service. Listen to Mambo, as she leads us in the basic prayers of Vodou.

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