The Rose Light of Love

The Rose Light of Love

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The Rose Light of Love

Artist/Band: Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

Divine Healing Action: Enfoldment in the Ray of Love, Bringing Comfort, Quickening Lost Memory of who you truly are, Divine Realm Attunement, Remembrance of Realms You Are From and Your Divine Purpose.

From Mother Mary: In this Sacred Healing Transference, I bring forth a gift of the Rose Light of Love from realms where eternal glories are known. As you listen, rose petals from the Heart of God will enfold you in the Ray of Love. These petals hold a sweet fragrance and essence of the Heaven Realms. They are a gift of love from my heart, bringing you the comfort of the Divine Mother, quickening your memory and attuning you to the Heaven Realms from which you have come, that you may remember your true reality, that you are a soul who has journeyed forth from the Realms of Light into this earthly realm for a Holy Purpose. Each time you listen to my message, you can drink in their fragrance and know the harmony in these blessed realms that know only light, tranquility and peace, and which are yet to be remembered and reclaimed as you walk your earthly path.

Beloved, it is time for your remembrance, time to embrace the truth of who you are, to cast aside the veils of illusion and no longer deceive yourself into thinking and believing you are alone in this world, purposeless, friendless, and that somehow Father Mother God has forgotten and abandoned you upon this lonely and sometimes seemingly Dark Star. For it is not true. You have never been forgotten and ever the Love of God resides with you, though not always a part of your conscious awareness, yet always present, ever ready to bless, uplift and serve you in every way.

The veil of forgetfulness you took on is part of a great Divine Plan that has afforded you the greatest opportunity to go on a Quest For Truth, a quest of self-discovery through a virtual reality experience in this earthly plane. Imagine what a Grand Design this is that would allow your soul to traverse realms and enter a reality where the veil of forgetfulness descends and where you are left all alone to remember, if you can, the truth from whence you have come and who you are.

This is a great adventure, a great opportunity and quest unparalleled amid many quests on this planetary home. Can you imagine how exciting it is to rediscover yourself and to find, after all, you are divine, that you have come from realms fair and illumined, and that you came in with a Holy Vow and Purpose? You must find, by seeking out the truth of who you are, that treasured reality, the Grand Treasure that awaits you in who you are. Each time you listen to my message, I will transfer this remembrance to you through the Rose Light of Love.

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