Anchoring the Grand Design For Your Soul

Anchoring the Grand Design For Your Soul

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Anchoring the Grand Design For Your Soul

Artist/Band: Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

Divine Healing Action: Raising you into the New Vibration of LOVE, Rose Ray Healing of schisms within you and the psyche of humanity, Transformation of all that is less than LOVE, all patterns creating war, hatred, and disease, Fanning Flames of Divinity Within You, Awakening You To Who You Really Are.

From Eros: In this moment, as we of the Heaven Realms come with a New Vibration, enfolding all in the peaceful sacred presence of the divine, there is a grand opportunity; a grand design unfolding for your soul and you can rise to meet it. You can choose the Healing Power of Love that is gifted into your hands by Elohim of Love today.

This is a momentous spectacular release, Beloved. Each time you listen to this message, you can feel the upliftment as the Sacred Fire of Love burns bright within your soul, every atom, cell and electron is quickened, your solar awareness awakened, and you feel the unity with the God Presence within. You can feel the harmony of the spheres, the great loving as Father Mother God through us enfolds you. You can feel Love as it courses through your veins and heals the blocks and memories with their causes and cores. You can be awakened to a momentous reality, which shall bring great peace to your soul.

Today you may claim a greater love within your soul by opening your heart fully to our message and the light of love that descends when you listen to it. Let it fill your heart. Let it heal the wounds. Let it heal the harshness, hardness, stubbornness and belief systems that are etched in until they become rigid realities. You need not be confined to these lesser experiences of love any longer.

Seek now the greater freedom of your soul's expression, as it becomes the full embodiment of the Love of the Divine Presence within you. Awaken to this Inner Light and feel the full God Presence living and moving and having its being within you, moving you into alignment with the new vibration of LOVE.

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