Preparing You To be an Emissary of Divine Love

Preparing You To be an Emissary of Divine Love

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Preparing You To be an Emissary of Divine Love

Artist/Band: Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

Divine Healing Action: Transformation of the Earth Body, Healing of all torturous memories, pain and suffering, Angel Ministration, Setting You Free So You Can Be A Vessel and Emissary of Divine Love.

From Amora: Each time you play this release, a gift from my heart is here waiting to help set you free to be a Vessel and Emissary of Divine Love. as Rays of Love descend and our beloved Legions of Divine Love fill this world's atmosphere with the Rose Ray of LOVE.

As you open your heart fully to Divine Love, I, a Sacred Mother Presence, will bathe you in the Rose Essence, the Rose Flame of Love, that will heal all torturous memories and transmute all the pain and suffering you have known. For I am come, a Mighty Elohim and great cosmic being, one of the great builders of form who have known the perfect manifestation of physical octaves and have brought forth the Divine Intention to physical reality for eons. A Vessel of God, I come to prepare you to be a Vessel of the Sacred Light of Love for this New Age.

This is an Era of Love, Beloved, a great time on Earth when hearts around the world gather up their strength and cast off all illusions of love and all misinterpretations that have caused war on every level. All the hatreds, revenges, and resentments now can be cast out and transmuted by this Flame of Love. Each time you listen to this message, you can gather up from deep within your psyche those most painful memories and release all the pain, heartbreak, suffering, and misery you have known in love.

All of these conditions are karmic. They are not the divine intention of the Realms of Light. Instead, they are experiences, a mix of shadow and light, to give you certain circumstances for your soul edification and growth. These have birthed misinterpretations and thus has your reality been filled with the dysfunctions of love, the misinterpretations that create schisms in love relationships and with those closest to you.

Now you can release these painful memories with all of their records, causes and cores, into the Divine Flame of Love, which I bring and place before you. If you are willing and give your ascent, Holy Angels will come to minister to you personally each time you listen to my message.

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