Activating the God Self Within

Activating the God Self Within

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Activating the God Self Within

Artist/Band: Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

Divine Healing Action: God Self Activation to Right Every Wrong, Dissolve Every Illusion, and Set you Free to be the Truth of Who You Are, Resurrection of Flame of Truth, Dissolution of Schisms in Your Psyche, Anchoring the Flame of Truth on the Altar of Your Heart.

From Pallas Athena: Each time you play this message, I can cast out illusions and that which would cling to your life and support a lesser reality. I can pass you the Flame of Truth, for I, Pallas Athena, come in the Flame of Love with such a great loving for your soul. I would gift you truth, that you might know and understand that you are divine and that your passage here is purposeful.

This is an Age of Love, where Love waxes full in the hearts of humanity, where souls embrace each other lovingly and the Spirit of Love flows forth through many lands radiating out to all people.
This is a precious time, Beloved, a time to cast off your bigotry and the false ideologies and beliefs that would keep you separate from your brethren humanity. It is time to enter the heart of loving that beats into your own physical heart with its mighty rhythm of love.

This Love is divine and is of your Divine Self as it blends its heartbeat with the rhythms of this physical reality. This is a Sacred Mystery beloved, where the communing with the Beloved God Presence, the God Self Within, lends its magic into your consciousness, being and world until you are transformed, until the old ways, beliefs, patterns and behaviors fall away, and only that which remains is true, pure and holy, the true part of you that ever is and ever was and ever shall be.

As you listen to my message, I call forth your divinity from deep within your psyche where it has been covered over with false beliefs, perceptions, and realities. I ask the God Self to come forward and make itself known to you absolutely, that its Holy Presence might right every wrong and dissolve every illusion, setting you free to be the truth of who you are. As you allow it to dissolve all the schisms in your psyche, resurrect the flame of truth within your soul, and anchor the flame of love upon the altar of your heart, you will know the sacredness of its holy presence with you.

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