Insomniatic Myth
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Insomniatic Myth

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Insomniatic Myth

Artist/Band: Coeus the Boxing Titan

The second release from Minnesota's indie deity Coeus the Boxing Titan, "Insomniatic Myth" is an Industrial Rock record with the far reach of Prog and Psychedelia, taking you on a chaotic journey through the brain of the sleep-deprived and unleashing eccentric musical sounds that you've only dreamed about. Taking influence from experimental artists like Beck, Trent Reznor, John Frusciante and Radiohead, Coeus punches through the surface of traditional music, freeing itself from the shackles of burdens like "band members", "genre", and "professionality", and replacing them instead with beautiful soundscapes of samples, fuzz, and instrumentation, building up until they gently EXPLODE into your eardrums. Despite utilizing nothing more than cheap equipment and a PC, each track places heavy emphasis on strong compositions and a beautiful atmosphere. Songwriter Aron "Aro" Patterson provides the disembodied voice and lyrics for the Coeus project, weaving together words describing insomnia, love, addiction, and facing the fact that you're addicted to love (which is surprisingly more difficult than Palmer implies).

Title #2040943
Format: CD-R