Photojournalism The Life Magazine Way
Great Photographers: Gerat Stories
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Photojournalism The Life Magazine Way

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Photojournalism The Life Magazine Way

Hoffman captured the stories of 15 Life Magazine photographers for this TV special. Each photographer presents best photographs and tells behind-the-scenes stories of how they were made. The results are extremely valuable for photographers and photojournalists, but also emotional for other viewers who want to relive some of the greatest moments of the 20th century, and some of the silliest as well.
Narrator by Walter Cronkite.

"Hoffman's documentary unearthed wonderful footage and photos. The pictures and the people come to life!" Charles Champlin, Los Angeles Times

"...great photographs and stories from the people who took them..." The New York Times

"Great anecdotes courtesy of some of the most famous Life photographers: Gordon Parks, Carl Mydans, Nina Leen and Loomis Dean. The program is unforgettable testimony to the power of the photograph." Meg Whitcomb, Video Review

Houston International Film Festival,
Gold Award

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Photojournalism The Life Magazine Way
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