Spike: A Montana Cowboy
The Story Of A Cowboy Poet
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Spike: A Montana Cowboy

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Spike: A Montana Cowboy

Spike: A Montana Horseman is tthe true story of one of the last great American cowboys and poets. The film won 1st prize at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame. Spike lived in the Montana Mountains... the Crazies, they called them. His dad had traded with the Indians and built one of the great horse ranches in the United States. The Van Cleve Ranch was 21,000 acres grand. Spike had cowboy values- you work hard for a days pay -- you treat your animals right -- you are decent (but not overly friendly) to your neighbors -- you spend most of your days working your ranch. Summer and winter. Spike was lucky to have the parents that he had and lucky to grow up as a horsemen. Spike once told me that he had more metal in his body from broken bones then anyone he knew and that he couldn't go through the metal detectors in airports without setting off the alarms.

Awards: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Oscar Nomination, Documentary Short Subject CINE - Council on International Non-Theatrical Events, Golden Eagle Award
Western Heritage Wrangler Award

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Spike: A Montana Cowboy
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