Submarine: Steel Boats - Iron Men
Below The Seas With The USA on Patrol
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Submarine: Steel Boats - Iron Men

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Submarine: Steel Boats - Iron Men

The is the only program (A Prime time PBS Special) where the US Navy allowed a film crew to go down with a sub to see what really happens below the waves. As a result, the film presents a never before seen look inside a state of the art nuclear powered sub on patrol. It show in extraordinary detail, the daily ordinary and extraordinary lives of submariners. You will see and hear things that you have never seen before.

Steel Boats also shows the training, family life,off time activities, etc. Viewers visit a "wet trainer" at Sub School to see what these submariners endure when they climb inside one of these remarkable ships. Who are these men, who live confined in a steel tube deep in the ocean for months at a time, surrounded by a hostile environment, in constant danger? What do they do and why do they do it?
"Steel Boats - Iron Men captured the essence of submarining: the people their heritage, training, dedication, fierce competitiveness and immense personal and professional pride. A most powerful film which should appeal to all ages in all walks of life." - Captain John Vick, USN Submarine Captain (Retired).

"Crowded into the U.S.S. Hyman Rickover, the filmmakers powerfully convey the confinement and brotherhood on board as the crew participates in stressful fire and attack drills. The history of submarining is chronicled, and the rigorous testing of prospective submariners is shown for the first time. Plunging into the psyche of these highly intelligent sailors and probing the allure of their undersea life, this production fascinates and informs." - Video Review Magazine

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Submarine: Steel Boats - Iron Men
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