Jimmy Doolittle: An American Hero
Produced by David Hoffman
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Jimmy Doolittle: An American Hero

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Jimmy Doolittle: An American Hero

In the 20th century, there was only one Jimmy Doolittle, and this program is the only one that was made with Jimmy directly telling his story. Doolittle was a stunt pilot, an aircraft designer, a war hero, an inventor, a motorcycle racer, a prospector, a boxing champion, a military strategist, a scientist, a four-star Air Force general and an all-around hellraiser. But most of all, he was probably the greatest aviator America ever produced.

In this thrilling video, you'll see the dangers and the disasters, the triumphs and the incredible feats of courage that marked the career of this extraordinary human being. You'll hear it in the words of Robert Stack, and James Stewart, who flew under Doolittle's command in the Eighth Air Force in World War II, and in the remarks by many of his comrades in arms. And you'll hear it in his own words as well, as Jimmy tells you what it was like to fly airplanes in ways that had never been done before.

You'll see Jimmy taming the Gee-Bee racer that killed many fine pilots. You'll see him setting records in experimental aircraft. You'll see him in combat, as he leads what may have been the single most daring raid of World War II, the assault on Tokyo that won him the Congressional Medal of Honor. You'll see him as the tough, demanding Air Force general who never asked his men to do anything he wouldn't do himself.


"Nations need their heroes. One of America's has served his country in peace and war for much of this century. His deeds, matchless energy and wisdom are an inspiration to all, and will inspire new generations of American men and women to come. This program captures Doolittle completely, and he has never been shown before. Very uplifting for all to see." - Captain Matt Portz, USNR (ret.)


American Film & Video Festival, Blue Ribbon Winner
CINE - Council on International Non-Theatrical Events, Gold Eagle Award
Houston International Film Festival, Silver Award

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Jimmy Doolittle: An American Hero
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