Smoking is a Dirty Business - with Tony Schwartz
Produced by David Hoffman
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Smoking is a Dirty Business - with Tony Schwartz

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Smoking is a Dirty Business - with Tony Schwartz

This educational video program, hosted by Tony Schwartz, exposes the subtleties of cigarette advertising. Using frank dialogue interspersed with Schwartz's own hard-hitting anti-smoking radio spots, Dirty Business drives home its message: If you smoke, stop. If you don't smoke, don't start. For junior, senior, youth groups, college and adult.

Tony Schwartz, acknowledged master of electronic media, has created more than 20,000 radio and television spots for products, political candidates and non-profit public interest groups. Featured on programs by Bill Moyers, Phil Donahue and 60 Minutes, among others, Schwartz has been described as a "media guru," a "media genius," and a "media muscleman." The tobacco industry even voluntarily stopped their advertising on radio and television after Schwartz produced the first anti-smoking ad to ever appear (children dressing in their parents' clothing, in front of a mirror). The American Cancer Society credits this ad, and others that followed, with the tobacco industry's decision to go off the air, rather than compete with Schwartz's ad campaign.


"Dirty Business is an exceptionally hard-hitting, potent, emotional attack against the cigarette industry. It should be very effective, especially with young people. Tony Schwartz, world famous media guru and passionate spokesman for the anti-smoking movement is the host... Well worth seeing. For junior, senior, college, adult." American Council on Consumer Interests

"This program ought to be required showing in every classroom from first grade to graduate school."
Bill Moyers


U.S. Industrial Film & Video Festival, Certificate for Creative Excellence
National Educational Film & Video Festival, Silver Apple Winner

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Smoking is a Dirty Business - with Tony Schwartz
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