A Day With Filmmaker Timmy Page
Produced by David Hoffman
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A Day With Filmmaker Timmy Page

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A Day With Filmmaker Timmy Page

This charming and funny short takes as its subject a bright and articulate 13-year-old who aspires to be a filmmaker. Young Timmy would grow up to be a Pulitzer Prize winning author and classical music critic for The Washington Post, but seen here, in 1967, he enthusiastically directs his brother, his girlfriend and other pals through his scripted, 8mm productions. A Day with Timmy Page won honors at the 1968 Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Atlanta Film Festivals.

Hoffman's notes:

This film was made at a very important time in the history of media. Kodak and other companies had just released super 8 mm - very small and inexpensive film cameras. To the surprise of everyone, young people all over the country picked up these cameras and began to "make movies." I was a young filmmaker myself and had won an award that gave me the chance to travel around New England on behalf of the United States Information Agency recording stories of ordinary every day folks so that the agency could show folks around the world who Americans were and what they did.

One Saturday morning, I came upon 13-year-old Timmy Page and his friends about to make his 14th film. I photographed Timmy and his friends on that Saturday morning, came back into my editing room, and made my film on Timmy in about two weeks. A day with Timmy Page went on to win more than 30 film festival awards, was shown on network television, was seen as a theatrical short subject in movie theaters, and was made into a television commercial as well -- for Kodak of course.

"Even age is a no barrier to video communications. A hilarious new film, 'A Day with Timmy Page,' describes the fantastic film-making career of a precocious 11-year old who has used a camera to become the Fellini of his suburban neighborhood. The movie also serves as a splendid satire of the film industry-in-miniature." - Esquire Magazine

"This is a marvelous little movie." - New York Times

Chicago Film Festival, First Place winner

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A Day With Filmmaker Timmy Page
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