If You Love Someone Who Smokes
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If You Love Someone Who Smokes

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If You Love Someone Who Smokes

this video program was made by a media genius Tony Schwartz who had a very good friend, New York City policemen kEN McFeely, who died of lung cancer at 46 years old.

As McFeeley was dying he decided to work with Schwartz to make this program to help others quit smoking. To date, thousands have quit after hearing McFeeley's story and Schwartz has become known as "media central" for the anti-smoking effort.

If You Love Someone Who Smokes contains no medical details, no "techniques" and supports no specific drug solution. But for thousands of smokers, the video gives them the heart and the courage to quit-- for the last time. Once you or your love ones have seen it, you can never forget it.

"If a smoker can sit through this and not try and kick his habit, he needs a psychiatrist." Clifton Reed, American Cancer Society

"Many who have tried and failed will succeed through the experience of viewing this remarkable video." Dr. Harvey Fineberg, Harvard School of Public Health

"If You love Someone Who Smokes, You Must Get Them to See This Tape." Dr Frank Field, Health Correspondent, CBS-TV

National Video Festival, Gold Apple

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If You Love Someone Who Smokes
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