Alfred Eisenstaedt: Photographer
Produced by David Hoffman
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Alfred Eisenstaedt: Photographer

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Alfred Eisenstaedt: Photographer

This is THE documentary film on great photojournalists, Life Magazine, and Eisenstaedt. It was produced with him at the height of his career. He tells all about photography, Hitler, Hollywood, the 1950s, and so much more.

In this Emmy-award-winning program, Eisenstaedt, at age 82, returns to his German homeland. all along the way, he tells stories, reveal secrets, shows his techniques. A charming funny Emmy award-winning documentary film that first ran on prime time PBS.

"A Must for Photographers at all skill levels...." - New York Post

"Informative and an absolute delight." Video News

The Hartford Courant - Owen McNally
Like many great pieces of journalism, this biographical portrait by filmmaker David Hoffman sometimes presents seemingly inconsequential tidbits, but they actually make the overall film a wonderful look at the great Eise. Example: we see the 82-year old Eisenstaedt doing his morning exercises. He prefaces his workout by bragging that he can do 32 pushups, but will do just five for us today. Eise analyzes some of the best of his photos, and they do seem to capture a very special, ineffable essence, an existential quality that makes what Eise calls his craft seem very much like what critics insist on calling his art. His "secret," he says, is not in elaborately sophisticated camera equipment, but rather in the eye that ability to see what images are worth capturing for posterity.

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Alfred Eisenstaedt: Photographer
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