Intimacies: Michael Kearns
Produced by David Hoffman
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Intimacies: Michael Kearns

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Intimacies: Michael Kearns

Controversial, shockingly explicit, and amazingly real, the charachters in INTIMACIES dare audiences to come closer to the truth of what it is like to live being HIV+ and also gay. Kearns has performed INTIMACIES worldwide to universal acclaim.

REVIEW of Intimacies
"This raw piece of theatre is brilliantly transposed to this cinema verite documentary looking at Michael Kearns and his work. Shockingly real, the characters he plays dare the audience to come closer to the truth of what it is like to live with AIDS. Kearns performed "Intimacies" to universal acclaim and this documentary follows him through the final performance. "Intimacies" won the Audience Vote for the Best Documentary at the Palm Springs International Film Festival.
LA Times

Successful Hollywood actor Michael Kearns saw his career go down the drain when he announced that he was HIV+. Starving for work, he developed his own one man play called INTIMACIES -- and took it on the road.

This raw and powerful piece of theatre is brilliantly transposed to film in this cinema-verite documentary. Kearns,(Cheers, Murder She Wrote, The Waltons) came out on national TV as being HIV positive and his career came to a screeching halt.
Palm Springs International Film Festival, Audience Vote for Best Documentary

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Intimacies: Michael Kearns
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