Guerrilla Media: How To Communicate on Video
The How To Guide by Tony Schwartz
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Guerrilla Media: How To Communicate on Video

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Guerrilla Media: How To Communicate on Video

Master radio and TV commercial maker Tony Schwartz (26,000 commercials to his credit) shows how video makers -- narrators -- writers -- producers -- can overcome media power and indifference by using unconventional methods to craft messages. "Schwartz shares extraordinary principles and case studies not found in any other books," according to Kathleen Jamieson, Dean of the Annenberg School of Communications.

To Schwartz's studio have come world-renowned scholars, business and community leaders, advertising men and women, unionists, activists and public servants up to and including a President of the United States, as if on pilgrimage to an electronic Mecca. They've come seeking the talents, the highly original and often startling (what one commentator termed "mesmerizingly sensible") insights of a man who has been called the genius, guru, Merlin and wizard of the media. Tony Schwartz.

Today it is possible for the digital citizen using video to have access to change minds, motivate consumers, provoke governments, and create issues.

"The program helps any 'David' in any part of the video business who wants to square off against media, corporate or governmental Goliaths. Schwartz shows how to get your message across via electronic media - especially radio - and how it can produce dramatic effects for shockingly little money." Mark Fleischmann, Newsday

"This Guerrilla Media program is Tony Schwartz's gift to the democratic process." Ed Koch, former Mayor of New York City

"There are very few original ideas in politics, advertising or journalism. Tony Schwartz comes up with original ideas." Senator Warren Rudman (Retired), New Hampshire

"Content: Clear, invigorating and brilliant. A depacification program." Tom Shales, The Washington Post

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Guerrilla Media: How To Communicate on Video
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