How Hitler Lost the War
Hitler's Cronies Tell Their Stories
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How Hitler Lost the War

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How Hitler Lost the War

See ex-Nazis and former English Spies show and tell how Hitler LOST WWII. Most historians tell you that the allies WON it. This PBS Special shows, moment by moment, how Hitler LOST the war. Filled with RARE AND NEVER BEFORE SEEN footage.

These German and English soldiers, sailors and airmen reveal for the first time, what they really saw and experienced.

"Excellent 60 minute Doc shows surprising alternative view of the Nazis' military strategies during WWII."
New York Daily News

"Questions such as 'Why did Germans follow Hitler' really provoke viewers. Hitler's miscalculations, quirky personality, and lack of confidants are shown in terms of specific battles." - Library Journal

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How Hitler Lost the War
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