Child Sexual Abuse: TRUE Stories
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Child Sexual Abuse: TRUE Stories

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Child Sexual Abuse: TRUE Stories

This film is for adults. It is very powerful to watch. Only God knows how many of our young people have lived through the pain and the confusion of child sexual abuse.

"Why, God - Why Me?" dramatizes a true life account with the actual voice of a single woman survivor. Her incredibly frank revelations help others to see a world where traditional comforts of home and family are threatening and dehumanizing.

While "Why, God - Why Me?" is emotionally compelling, there are no graphic, sexual or violent scenes. The sensitivity of this program results, in part, from the fact that it was researched and produced by high school students.

"Why, God - Why Me?" is a powerful program to watch and offers a common ground for discussion and understanding. It ends on a positive note, helping to demonstrate that the nightmare realities of childhood can be stopped and survivors can establish new, loving relationships.


"'Why God' does a superb job of presenting the personal emotional trauma experienced by the victims of childhood sexual abuse." Karl R. Kunkel, Teaching Sociology, Vol. 18, No. 3

"This exceptionally dramatic and poignant program introduces the topic of child sexual abuse and serves as a discussion tool for families, abused and abusers as well. As one survivor tells her story, the viewer comes to feel such common reactions as guilt, self-hatred, shame, detachment, fear, numbness and denial."
Catherine Gray Deering, RN, MSN, CS, Lecturer, Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Program, Yale University School of Nursing


American Film & Video Festival, Top Prize- Blue Ribbon Award
National Council on Family Relations, Top Prize First Place Award
Columbus International Film Festival, Chris Award
International Film & Television Festival of New York, Finalist Certificate
USA Film Festival, Finalist Certificate
Chicago International Film Festival, Certificate of Merit

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