Tropical Rain - Zen Serenity CD

Tropical Rain - Zen Serenity CD

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Tropical Rain - Zen Serenity CD

Artist/Band: Antonio Fava

You will relax to the sounds of the wind and the rain from the Tropics.


  • The Sounds of Lake Tahoe
  • One track at 60 minutes

Product Uses
All of our Zen Serenity CDs can be used while doing yoga, meditation, message, stress reduction, relaxing or use as white noise for a noisy room.

The constant rhythm was been found to be useful for relaxation, white noise, yoga and meditation.

Listening to this CDs will help you reduce your stress and relax. No one tells you to relax or breath deep. The CDs just let you escape. I recommend that you get one and relax.

Music is not added to these CDs; they are all natural sounds.

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Silencing Pain with Music
Bad hip? Bad back? Instead of popping a pain pill, try spinning your favorite CD. Nagging, gnawing pain can grind anyone down. But now there's scientific evidence that the right kind of music can pick you up, easing discomfort and lifting your spirits. What's the "right" kind? Anything you like -- relaxing sounds, classic rock, edgier beats, whatever sounds good to your inner spirit is good for your body, too.

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