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Computer modding is a new hobby / art form which provides the ultimate fusion of art and technology. As simple as a stuffed animal sitting on top of your computer or as complex as completely replacing your computer case with one you built yourself (or maybe even a computer inside a stuffed animal), computer modding can show the creativity that you have inside.

In this video, experienced computer modder Russ Caslis walks you through several of the mods he has done himself explaining the issues he's had to deal with and the original inspiration for each mod. In addition, you will be given pointers to some of his favorite web sites for examples of what the modding community has to offer and some great places for supplies. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this video is a comprehensive step-by-step detailing of an entire computer mod performed before your eyes - placing a complete computer system inside an old Star Wars toy of the Millenium Falcon

Recently featured on TechTV TechLive, Russ walks us through some of his computer mods featured on the show. But perhaps the best thing about this video is what it may inspire you to create! Maybe the next great idea will come from ideas that came to you after watching his creations. The only way to find out is to watch this video and open your mind to new possibilities.

You will never look at a normal beige computer the same way again. Who ever decided that beige was a good color for a computer, anyway? Who decided that computers must look like little monoliths? Are we supposed to bow down to the gods of computers? NO! So start adding some of your personality. Why limit your customizations to your virtual desktop? Let your creativity flow!

Think outside the box
Think of the outside of the box

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