African Pottery Techniques
Produced by Christopher Roy
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African Pottery Techniques

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African Pottery Techniques

This DVD includes seven short videos that explain each of the five forming techniques used by potters in Africa, as well as the preparation of the fresh clay and the firing of the completed pots. The techniques used include the concave mold, convex mold, direct pull, coiling, and hammer and anvil techniques. This high-quality video was filmed in Burkina Faso and Ghana, West Africa in 2001-2 by Christopher D. Roy, Professor of art history at the University of Iowa. The videos are narrated by Professor Roy who explains each step, who the potters are, where they live, and how they market their work. Potters are from the Asante people of Ghana and the Mossi, Bwa, and Jelli peoples of Burkina Faso. The videos are suitable for K-12 students, college students, and professional potters who are interested in how potters around the world create their art.

Length about 60 minutes

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African Pottery Techniques
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