African Masks: Burkina Faso
Produced by Christopher Roy
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African Masks: Burkina Faso

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African Masks: Burkina Faso

Many peoples of Burkina Faso continue to create
elaborate and beautiful masks that are used in
funerals, initiations, village purification ceremonies,and market day dances as they have been for centuries. These masks are almost indistinguishable from the great masterpieces of African art that have been displayed in museums and illustrated in texts for decades. This DVD includes three videos: the first, shot on film in 1977 and 1985, inlcudes historic footage of masks from the Mossi, Bwa, Bobo, and Nuna (Gurunsi) peoples. Two videos were shot on digital video of the 2002 mask festival in Dedougou, and of Nuna masks in Savara and Tisse.

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Running time 60 minutes

Copyright © 2003 by Christopher D. Roy

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African Masks: Burkina Faso
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