African Weaving
Produced by Christopher Roy
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African Weaving

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African Weaving

Africans continue to create elaborate and beautiful textiles that reflect their rich cultural heritage. The kente weavers of the Asante and Ewe people of Ghana are featured in this video which was filmed in 2002 by Christopher Roy, Professor of African art at the University of Iowa. The video begins with a Senufo woman in a small village in Burkina Faso who spins cotton into thread using a drop spindle. There are scenes of traditional dyers dying cloth dark blue with indigo, and of a workshop of weavers in Ouagadoougou who produce hundreds of yards of beautiful cloth each day. The focus of the remainder of the film is on the techniques of the Asante and Ewe weavers of Ghana, who produce beautiful kente cloth. The complex techniques are explained in the narrative, and the many parts of the loom are described.
The video is suitable for K-12 students, college students, teachers, and professional weavers.

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African Weaving
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