Basic RC Helicopter Training Program
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Basic RC Helicopter Training Program

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Basic RC Helicopter Training Program

Interested in learning how to fly model helicopters? Get the facts first! Helis present a special challenge that require some important, basic information and diligent practice. This video will save you time, money and effort!

The program offers an overview of the fundamentals for setting up and learning to fly remote control model helicopters. If you have little or no experience with r/c helicopters, this program is definitely the place to start! It's chock-full of tips, hints, tricks and techniques for becoming a better pilot - sooner!

You will learn: differences between 30 and 60 sizes, the equipment you'll need to get started, mechancial balance, the importance of simulators, gyro recommendations, how to tail-in hover, nose-in hover, do figure 8's, fly circuits, and more! Most topics also apply to electric helicopters.

The DVD is divided into numerous chapters allowing precise viewing of topics of interest.


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Basic RC Helicopter Training Program
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