Off the Wall
Directed and Produced by Evan Jacobs
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Off the Wall

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Off the Wall

This award winning dramatic short film explores the relationship of two gritty characters who find they may need each other more than they realized. Trapped in a seedy nightclub bathroom together, Jason (Michael Petted) and Morgan (Emmy Smith) are looking for an escape, but just might find each other instead. Voted "Best of Fest" at the 2003 Great Lakes Film Festival. The film's director, Evan Jacobs, is known primarily for his work in visual effects (Resident Evil: Extinction, Conan the Barbarian 3D) but in this film he experiments with character and drama instead of explosions and camera trickery.

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(strong language, sexual content)


Michael Petted, Emmy Smith, James Chiello

Off the Wall was chosen as "Best of Fest" at the 2003 Great Lakes Film Festival.

Film Festivals:
Off the Wall screened at the 2003 Great Lakes Film Festival.

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Off the Wall
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