Guided Imagery
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Guided Imagery

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Guided Imagery

Artist/Band: Zendor

For the Internal Woman

This 30-minute journey takes you into a deep state of relaxation while offering subliminal support for anxiety relief, balanced hormones, heart rate, blood pressure, finances, liver function, mineral balance and serotonin release.

This simply soothing guided meditation will help you restore the inner calm and safety you know is there deep inside of you, distracted by the pressures of daily living. Release to Zen's comforting and hypnotic voice as he takes you away from the turmoil.

An Inside Journey

This 30-minute journey utilizes the sounds of Outcasts & Social Misfits magnificent sound scapes and begins with a centering exercise that quickly takes you deep into your spiritual center, connecting you to All That Is.

Along the way and through the music and voice prompts you will be guided to create your own merkaba, the ultimate flying machine that will take you into the cosmos and to the perfect place just for you. Each individual is different and the embedded codes will ignite your soul and celestial intelligence already embedded within you.

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