A Para-Celestial Logic Syndrome
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A Para-Celestial Logic Syndrome

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A Para-Celestial Logic Syndrome

Artist/Band: Outcasts & Social Misfits

A Para-Celestial Logic Syndrome ... Soundscapes designed to take the listener into a cosmic adventure, free of belief systems and mental perturbations. What many have reported is that once you enter the thoughtmosphere within, there are multiple opportunities to transcend.

This music has been used for group meditations with phenomenal results. Participants have reported entrance into other worlds, out of body journeys and even collective group experiences on and off planet.

Best listening and participation occurs when laying flat with feet toward center and holding hands so the energy is free to travel in the group thoughtmosphere.

The music is also great for simple listening... background, exercising and even road trips.

Title #2054390
Format: CD-R