Snowfall Serenade
Produced by Vic Campbell
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Snowfall Serenade

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Snowfall Serenade

Enjoy the relaxing snowfall scenery and soft music that will help you recall the cozy memories of winters locked in memories of the past. Soothing, gentle and relaxing, with peaceful and serene wintry scenes of farms, nature and old villages. An enchanted sound track of soft, comforting classical music guides you through tranquil rural and village scenery. Pure relaxation and stress reduction. Snowfall Serenade a psychological cool down for the summer and an emotional lift for the winter months. Nursing homes, hospitals and in-home-care services will find this film useful. It makes a superb gift for friends who no longer live in the climate of their youth. Pre-schoolers will be calmed and fascinated by the animals and the snow, making this a tool for calming and introspective moments in the busy lives of youngsters as well. If you have a discount code, be sure to enter it when you enter your purchase information.

The producer of this film took every opportunity to outrun the snowplows when the snow came down. Vic Campbell would listen to the weather reports. When he heard the announcer tell the public to stay off the roads, he got in his 4 wheel drive and headed for back roads where he already had pre-arranged shots. The resulting film with soft music and memorable shots of rural and village life is a refreshing "time out" for seniors and "juniors". Nursing homes, hospitals and home-care services find the film useful for their clients. Amazingly, the same film is a practical tool for quieting the pre-school crowd whether on a steaming hot day or an indoor snow day. Campbell also tested his film on a high powered computer networking specialist and found his time to dreamland was 3 minutes and 27 seconds. The film runs for nearly an hour, however.


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Snowfall Serenade
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