Meeting Your Angels & Spirit Guides

Meeting Your Angels & Spirit Guides

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Meeting Your Angels & Spirit Guides

Artist/Band: Kerry Palframan

Finally - an effortless way to meet and communicate with your angels and spirit guides. This guided meditation journey CD offers you a series of instructions set to soothing music that will lead you again and again to your higher self and the sacred realms beyond ordinary reality.

Use Meeting Your Angels and Spirit Guides to experience total relaxation, to take a mini-vacation from the everyday stresses of your life, or to explore the many layers of Who You Are.

This CD is uniquely designed to be different than other guided meditation journeys. Every time you take this guided journey into the spirit realm, you will meet with a different angel or spirit guide and receive different guidance, insight, clarity and direction that you require most at this time in your life.

Use these wise and powerful messages as a tool for greater awareness, self-growth and to help you align with your own soul's mission and purpose

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